Shasta was born on-site, after her mother Sierra come to the Sanctuary already impregnated. In 2006, Shasta's six older siblings Alice, Powder, Sabine, Sugar, Storm, and Thunder came from a breeder in Oregon. When they were picked up, arrangements were made to accept the parents, Sierra and Yukon, as well. It wasn't until March of 2007 that Angel and Leyton were able to make the trek to pick up the parents, as well as older brother, Axel. While Yukon and Axel were neutered before ever setting foot on Sanctuary property, Sierra had already become impregnated, and so that May, she gave birth to a litter of five beautiful Arctic pups: Frost, Flurry, Teton, Shasta, and Trinity. Flurry and Frost were pulled at 14 days and bottle-raised by the staff of WSWS. Shasta, Trinity, and Teton were left to be raised by mom and dad. In September of 2007, Sierra was affected by a common fungus, Cryptococcus, and eventually had to be euthanized. Teton was also affected, but was able to be treated. Trinity also showed symptoms, and she too was pulled from the enclosure, leaving Shasta in with her Daddy Yukon. It is possible that Shasta became slightly ill from the fungus, but her immune system quickly fought it off. She was ecstatic when her siblings returned to her enclosure! Unfortunately, in November of 2008, Shasta's sister, Trinity, passed away. Her father, Yukon, passed away from unknown reasons on a trip back from the vet's when Shasta was almost two-and-a-half years old.

How Can I help Shasta?

Let's make some tracks!

It takes approximately seventeen sponsors (paw prints) to provide the basic care for each of our wolves and wolf-dogs for an entire year. This does not include the cost of medication, vet visits, enclosures repairs, or enrichment treats.

Quarterly Enrichment
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Bio: Shasta is an Arctic wolf mixed with a little bit of Timber wolf. Shasta has two other littermates living at the Sanctuary: Teton and Flurry. One of her littermates, Trinity, passed away when Shasta was 1 1/2 years old, and Frost passed away when Shasta was almost three years old. Both of her parents passed away - her mother, Sierra, when Shasta was a four months old, and her father, Yukon, a little over two years later. Shasta also has an older brother, Axel, and six other older siblings Alice, Powder, Sabine, Sugar, Storm, and Thunder living at the Sanctuary as well.
Living Arrangements: Shasta lives with her brother from the same litter, Teton.
Am I On the Tour Path? "Yes, and although I like to sleep in the back, I will usually at least make an appearance from the top of the hill."
Personality: Although Shasta was lucky to not have to go to the vet for the fungus infection, it appears that her limited interaction with humans has made her the shyest of the litter. She will gently sniff caretakers she trusts, but tends to run off around loud noises or busy activity. She can become quite the tough girl when playtime starts and makes her much bigger brother run for cover! She not only likes to play with her sibling - Shasta likes to run around with her caretaker too!
Likes: Chewing on tree branches (or, preferably, meaty bones), playing with Teton, and splashing in her water bucket.
Dislikes: Sudden movements, her toys being removed from the enclosure, and her next-door neighbor Cheyenne.
Fun Fact: When the pups were two weeks old, it was time to select two pups to remove for socialization. Both Angel and Leyton wanted to select two boy pups, since they believe males are easier to raise as ambassadors than females. Once in the enclosure, Leyton grabbed pups and handed them over to Angel to check the sex. After looking over the pups and believing they grabbed two males, the group left the enclosure. Already the pups had tentative names, including naming one of the kids George. However, once they were in the Animal Care office, a closer look revealed that George was not a he, but a she! It was time to revisit the enclosure to return the newly acquired George, later named Shasta. Another boy was removed from the enclosure, later named Flurry.
My Wishlist: "Our enclosure is so beautiful, with big trees both inside and outside the pen. Wouldn't it be great if a bench was set-up in front of our enclosure so passing tour guests could rest while seeing us?"