Group Tours

Group Tour

Bring out your class or organization to Wild Spirit Wolf Sanctuary for a private group tour! One of our experienced staff members will escort you around the Sanctuary while answering all questions your curious students might have! Tour guides will customize the tour based on age or grade level. Not just schools are welcome - scout groups, tour buses, retirement homes, and more will have a wonderful time at our Sanctuary!

We understand the importance of education and strive to teach all participants as much as we can about the wolf. Particular attention is addressed to common myths about wolves (the truth about such tales as "Little Red Riding Hood") as well as why wolves should remain in the wild, not in a home. Of course, nothing is as thrilling as when your tour guide asks the group to howl, only to be answered by over fifty wolves and wolf-dogs!

Wild Spirit Wolf Sanctuary will customize each group tour to your needs. An average tour length is one hour long, but we can make the tour shorter or longer depending on your schedule. Since your group will be taken out privately, you have the choice of when you would like the tour to start. We also offer picnic tables for your group to have lunch on the patio overlooking the wolves.

Meet an Ambassador Wolf


It is possible for your group to walk away with the experience of a lifetime: meeting a full-grown wolf! If arranged ahead of time, we will be able to bring out one of our social Ambassador wolves. Your group will never forget the day they were able to pet a wolf - possibly even be kissed by one!
If you are interested in an Ambassador wolf meeting your group, please let us known when you schedule your tour. However, depending on the availability of the Ambassador and the behavior of the group, we may elect to not take out one of our wolves.

Scheduling Your Group Tour

We recommend scheduling your field trip at least two weeks in advance so that we can make sure a member of our Educational team is available to conduct your tour. The months of April and May book up quickly, so please call in advance to ensure a spot during Spring.

Exertion Level: LOW
Group Tour is 10 or more. Reduced rate of $5 per person for groups of 10-20. $4 per person for 20+.
If your group has 30 or more people, we may need to split you up into 2 groups.
Available Tuesday-Sunday at 11:00am, 12:30pm, 2:00pm, and 3:30 pm. Reserve in advance.

To schedule a group tour, please fill out the following electronic file, which will be received by one of our staff.
NOTE: Sending in the following form DOES NOT mean you will be guaranteed that date and time. Please wait for one of our staff to contact you to verify the tour.

Please fill out the following Word document and attach it to an email for
Group Tour Inquiry Form - Word document

You may also call us at 505-775-3304 for more questions or to schedule a tour.


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