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Flurry was born on-site after his mother Sierra came to the Sanctuary already impregnated. In 2006, Flurry's six older siblings Alice, Powder, Sabine, Sugar, Storm, and Thunder came from a breeder in Oregon. When they were picked up, arrangements were made to accept the parents, Sierra and Yukon, as well. It wasn't until March of 2007 that Angel and Leyton were able to make the trek to pick up the parents, as well as older brother, Axel. While Yukon and Axel were neutered before ever setting foot on Sanctuary property, Sierra had already become impregnated, and so that May, she gave birth to a litter of five beautiful Arctic pups: Frost, Flurry, Teton, Shasta, and Trinity. Flurry and his brother, Frost, were pulled at 14 days and bottle-raised by the staff of WSWS. Trinity, Shasta, and Teton were left to be raised by mom and dad. Flurry and Frost were raised by the staff and volunteers at Wild Spirit, and spent most of their young life in our Animal Care office being baby-sat by the various volunteers. When they were old enough, they moved to an enclosure outdoors.


Bio: Flurry is an Arctic wolf mixed with a little bit of Timber wolf. Flurry has two other littermates living at the Sanctuary: Teton and Shasta. One of his littermates, Trinity, passed away when he was 1 1/2 years old, and Frost passed away when Flurry was almost three years old. Both of his parents passed away - his mother, Sierra, when Flurry was four months old, and his father, Yukon, a little over two years later. Flurry also has an older brother, Axel, and six other older siblings Alice, Powder, Sabine, Sugar, Storm, and Thunder living at the Sanctuary as well.
Living Arrangements: Flurry lives with a high-content wolf-dog, Ally.
Am I On the Tour Path? "Yes, and you usually can't miss me! I love to sleep curled up next to my water bucket that's by the front fence, so you should be able to get a good photo. And ask if you can meet me in person by purchasing an Educational Rescue Meat-n-Greet... it's only $125 and the money goes to a great cause... if I do say so myself."
Personality: When younger, it appeared that Flurry was going to grow up to be a very dominant animal. He was already testing boundaries, and harshly removed Sassy from his enclosure when she became too bossy. However, when he moved in with Shakti, he reverted to his old, sweet, lovable puppy personality with people he remembers from when he was younger. He has become so sweet and affection that he is now one of our ambassadors and has traveled to several schools and outreach events. Ally and Flurry get along very well, and the two often play with one another in the evening.
Likes: Stealing food from Ally, toys, and rough-housing.
Dislikes: Caretakers ignoring him acting "tough", his past penmate Sassy, and Ally trying to stand up to him.
Fun Fact: Out of all the animals at the Sanctuary, Frost and Flurry proved to be the hardest to tell apart when they lived together. They were nicknamed "The Marshmallow Twins", and even the staff would argue over who was who. That came to an end, one day, when we walked up to their enclosure and found that Flurry was missing the tip of his ear! Although it is unfortunate that he had to become the newest member of the "Missing Ear Club", at least it made telling the twins apart very easy!
My Wishlist: "Although I love my enclosure very much, it is a little bit sparse when it comes to trees and shrubbery. Problem is...I can't help but gnaw on tree saplings or other immature vegetation. I would love if someone could donate plants to make my enclosure greener, including ponderosa trees that are at least 12 feet high."

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Our goal is to provide our rescues with the best sanctuary possible. Our ability to successfully achieve our goal, with regards to their habitat, depends on our ability to acquire and coordinate humanpower, materials and time. Listed below are the key components we would like to see in every habitat. Items that are checked "✔" are already taken care of. Items with an "✘" are not needed or cannot be implemented for one reason or another. Having many of these items at each habitat saves us from having to spend lot of time and energy finding them and then having to wait to share them.
On behalf of our rescues, we thank you for your taking time to look over this list.

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's Habitat

Fireproof Cave House Check Check
Underground Den Check Check
Mini-Mountain Check Check
Rocked Grass Garden Check Check
Splash Pond Check Check
Splash Tub Check Amazon
Wading Tub Check Amazon
Drinking Bucket Check Amazon
Scrub Brush Check Amazon
Square Point Shovel Check Amazon
Garden Hoe Check Amazon
Hose Hanger Check Amazon
Water Hose Check Amazon
Caretaker Box Check Amazon
Rope Toy Check Amazon
Fur Bucket Check Amazon
Fly Repellent Ointment Check Amazon
Natural Pet Insect Repellent Check Amazon
Brass Hose Nozzle Check Amazon
FURminator Dog Rake Check Amazon
Wheat Grass Seeds Check Amazon
Boomer Ball (14 inch) Check Amazon
Leash Check Amazon
Canine Control Collar Info Amazon