Junior arrived at Wild Spirit on March 7th, 2011. Junior had spent his life with a very loving and caring owner in Alabama. Although she loved Junior deeply, his owner realized that she missed being away from her family who lives in upstate New York. Between her job and the distance, Junior's owner seldom got time to visit her family, and eventually decided to move back to the state. The owner was concerned for Junior, afraid she couldn't provide him an adequate place to address his needs and safety. She asked if we had room for Junior and we arranged for his relocation to the Sanctuary. His owner drove him to New Mexico from Alabama to release him into his new home.

How Can I help Junior?

Let's make some tracks!

It takes approximately seventeen sponsors (paw prints) to provide the basic care for each of our wolves and wolf-dogs for an entire year. This does not include the cost of medication, vet visits, enclosures repairs, or enrichment treats.

Quarterly Enrichment
Every three months we give each of our animals an exciting enrichment treat. Not only does it help to mentally and physically stimulate the wolves and wolf-dogs, but it also goes to support them for the rest of the quarter.


Bio: Junior is a high-content wolf-dog.
Living Arrangements: Junior currently lives with mid-content wolf-dog Zari (Azaria).
Am I On the Tour Path? "No, I live at the back of the Sanctuary. However, if you are a sponsor of mine and would like to say hello, ask someone in the office if you can come up for a visit."
Personality: Junior is an extremely sweet and gentle old man who has already stolen the hearts of the staff and volunteers. When a volunteer enters his enclosure, Junior will immediately walk over to receive attention. However, Junior has a hidden dominant side and is not afraid to discipline humans who cross his boundaries. Due to this, volunteers have to remain extra vigilant while in his enclosure. Junior and his companion Zari get along very well.
Likes: Getting his ears rubbed, volunteers coming in to visit, and short walks.
Dislikes: His frequent ear infections and a collar being slipped over his head.
Fun Fact: Unfortunately for Junior, he seems to suffer from frequent ear infections. Luckily for us, Junior knows the proper protocol for helping us treat him. When it's time to clean his ear, Junior calmly lies down and lets us wash and medicate his ears. He certainly is a pro at this!
My Wishlist: "I'm an old man, and the good folks at Wild Spirit have me on Joint Discovery to help me better move around the enclosure. I would certainly appreciate a helping hand in getting some more Joint Discovery donated."