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As far as we know, Luna has had two owners. Her first owner apparently boarded her frequently before she went to her next owner. Luna got away from her next owner on Sunday, April 13, 2014. She was recaptured but escaped out of a vehicle almost immediately. Over the next two weeks, she traveled almost 9 miles staying close to subdivisions while following a creek bed.

Animal Control Officers were called to help capture her on Wednesday, April 16, 2014. Some were able to get close and feed her from their hands, but Luna would always shy away whenever she saw a leash.

Luna was tracked daily as she traveled along the creek bed. She pretty much stayed in a 2 mile radius always near a subdivision. She would go into fenced yards but jump out as soon as someone approached. She liked to go into yards where there were other dogs. At night she would sleep on front porches or some other place very close to a house. The community came together and everyone tried to help and attempted to get her to come close with the temptations of all kinds of food. She never showed aggression, she just wouldn’t let anyone touch her.

On Saturday, April 26, 2014, while in the backyard of someone who had been feeding her, two men saw her, went into their home and came out armed with a 12 gauge shotgun and a rifle. It is believed that the man with the shotgun fired and hit Luna twice which sent her running into the woods.

She was sighted again the next day and the effort to catch her was renewed. On the third day after she was shot, she was fed hot dogs laced with a sedative. Luna was then leashed and taken to the shelter where a vet could examine her. She was x-rayed and the resulting images confirmed that she had dozens of "bird shot" in her, mostly in her head, face and front leg (see images), and only a few of them were able to be removed.

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Luna's Profile

At this time, we believe that Luna is a Low to mid-content wolf-dog, which means she has some wolf traits and some dog traits, like her larger ears and brown eyes.
Living Arrangements
Luna was introduced to Jaeger and they are very happily sharing a habitat.
Am I On the Tour Path
"Not at this time, I'm just happy to be with Jaeger."
Luna is a very sweet and easily excitable girl! She is full of energy, always on the move and eager to greet people. She still gets a little nervous once she is up close and personal with people. She will usually allow a few chin scratches, before she moves away. She has lost the sight in her left eye now, but it does not seem to bother her very much.
Luna is very playful and likes to play Hide & Seek with her caretakers. She stands behind trees and is pretty convinced they can't see her until she playfully hops out. She also loves her "med-ball" which is a raw hamburger ball with medication stuffed inside. She gets so excited about it that she has to run a few laps around her habitat before she comes to down to take it.
Luna gets very anxious when there is a group of people around, or when we have to capture a rescue for a vet visit.
Fun Facts
Luna arrived the night of the full moon.
My Wishlist
"I'm thinking..."

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