Two Toe


A friend of the Sanctuary owned Two Toe for many years. Knowing he was in poor health and believing Two Toe was a wolf-dog, the owner had asked if either the Sanctuary or a friend of his could look after Two Toe after the owner had passed away. In 2010, the owner sadly departed, and his friend began looking after Two Toe. She had trouble caring for herself and the animal, and asked if we could take on Two Toe. We happily obliged and moved Two Toe in with one of our lone females.

How Can I help Two Toe?

Let's make some tracks!

It takes approximately seventeen sponsors (paw prints) to provide the basic care for each of our wolves and wolf-dogs for an entire year. This does not include the cost of medication, vet visits, enclosures repairs, or enrichment treats.

Quarterly Enrichment
Every three months we give each of our animals an exciting enrichment treat. Not only does it help to mentally and physically stimulate the wolves and wolf-dogs, but it also goes to support them for the rest of the quarter.


Bio: Two Toe is a low-content wolf-dog, or possibly a pure dog mixed with malamute.
Living Arrangements: Two Toe currently lives by himself.
Am I On the Tour Path? "Yes, and I love people so much, I will usually run up to the fence wagging my tail."
Personality: Two Toe is one of the biggest sweethearts at the Sanctuary. He adores people, and is ecstatic when volunteers come in to visit. He will immediately sit in a volunteer's lap and roll back his head with his big tongue hanging out.
Likes: Sitting in his caretaker's lap and going for walks
Dislikes: Volunteers walking by without saying hello and male dogs.
Fun Fact: No, Two Toe is not missing toes. His unique name is due to when he was a puppy, two of his toes were colored different than the rest of his fur. As he grew older, the off-colored toes changed to match his coat, but the name stuck.
My Wishlist: "The director said that if the right person comes along, I might be adopted out and can go to a good home! If you know anyone who is looking for a lovable, sweet dog, will you pass on the word about me?"