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Group Camping
Wild Spirited Visitors
Noise Levels
Quiet Hours
Respect Boundaries
Common Areas
Leave No Trace
Item2 Campsites
  • $15 per night for 1-2 people
  • $5 for each additional person per night
  • Children 12 and under stay free
  • Larger group sites are available
  • Shower House, Fire Pit and Outhouse included

No reservations required. Check into our Gift Shop during office hours, or call ahead.

  • Picnic table
  • Fire pit
  • Firewood is not included. Campers may either gather their own downed tree branches found on the ground to use for firewood, or purchase firewood bundles including fire starter from the campground host for $6/bundle. Firewood bundles last 1-2 nights depending on the size of campfire desired. Please do not cut branches off of live trees for wood.

In addition, all of the following are available for guests in the campground:

  • Outhouses
  • Fully equipped shower houses
  • Propane grills or charcoal grills with charcoal included - can be rented on a nightly basis for $15
Item2 Group Camping

Our campground can accomodate even the largest of groups. This is a wonderful opportunity for scout groups, clubs, or family gatherings to spend the night being serenaded by the wolves. To make reservations, please call us at 505-775-3304.

For groups that would like to get more involved, we offer an opportunity for you to become one of our "Weekend Warriors". Spend the weekend at the Sanctuary while volunteering your time on one of many projects available, and as a thank-you, we will waive your group tour fee! For more information, please visit Weekend Warriors.

Item2 Wild Spirited Visitors

Please keep your pets on leash. Your camping neighbors will appreciate it and the Wolves that might pass through the campground during your stay will not encounter any surprises.

Item1 Noise Levels

Please avoid unnecessary noises. Keep voices to a normal tone and encourage the kids to do the same. Happy screams and shouts should be reserved for the play area. Howling is fine, and sometimes even encouraged, but not during Quiet Time.

Item1 Quiet Hours

If you are setting up or tearing down your campsite during when your neighbors are still asleep, please try to be as quiet as possible. One of the loudest things is car doors opening and closing. If you plan to tear down in the early hours of the morning, please pack up as much as possible the night before.

  • Quiet Time - 10:00 PM till 6:00 AM
  • No Generators - 8:00 PM till 8:00 AM
Item2 Respect Boundaries

Please respect the boundaries of your neighbors. Do not walk through occupied campsites, even if it does save time on your the trip to the bathroom or shower house. Make sure your kids understand this as well. Keep to the roads and trails when walking around the campground, and especially if your kids are riding bikes.

Item2 Common Areas

Our bathrooms and showers are available to all the campers. Please keep that in mind that people may be waiting on you, and hurry along if possible. Clean up the area when you are done. Don’t use showerhouse sinks to rinse out your dirty dishes.

Please smoke in designated areas and please do not toss the cigarette butt on the ground. And if your dog is along for the trip, be sure to clean up after him or her.

Item2 Leave No Trace

Leave No Trace is a movement for enjoying the outdoors responsibly. You are a guest of Nature, so treat your space as such. Your other campers will appreciate your consideration!

Keep your campsite clean and tidy while you are there. Make sure all trash is in the appropriate receptacle. Keep to designated areas for pitching tents and build fires in your campfire pit only. Be VERY cautious with your food – don’t leave open packages lying around, keep your food close to you while being cooked and packed away when not.

Please don't attract unwanted wildlife like coyotes, bears or raccoons. And PLEASE don't leave ANYTHING (rubber balls, water bottles, toys, etc., etc.) that may be found by the Wolves that we regulary walk through our campground. They will find it and may want to ingest it!

Current Fire Danger Information

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