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Although exotic cubs or pups might be cute and easy to maintain, they usually grow into potentially dangerous adults with insatiable needs. Many exotic animals will travel several miles a day in the wild, so life in a domestic environment isn't going to satisfy their innately natural desires. Additionally, as exotic animals grow, their needs for food and space increase - sometimes astronomically. When it gets to that stage, the once-loved pets often end up in cages (escape-proof enclosures) where they are neglected or abused. It’s not unusual for exotic pets to escape from, be malnourished and/or stressed in, private captivity; they also tend to develop behavioral issues that can lead to bites and attacks. Wild Spirit Wolf Sanctuary rescues, and is currently providing lifetime care for, a variety of innately wild (to one degree or another) canids including Wolves, Wolf-dogs, Australian Dingoes, Coyotes, New Guinea Singing Dogs and a Red Fox.

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Wild Spirit Wolf Sanctuary typically only rescues very high-content Wolf-dogs and pure Wolves. We are rarely able to accept new animals as our population is very high. If you have a Wolf or high-content Wolf-dog in need of rescue, please answer the following questions and send in an email to

  • Name?
  • Sex?
  • Age?
  • Spayed/Neutered?
  • Reason for Rescue Request?
  • Timeframe for placement?
Rescue In Progress Rescue In Progress

No "Rescue In Progress" at this time.

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These are just two of our most recent rescues. We'll be adding more to our "Past Rescues" page in the near future. Please stay tuned and thank you for your support.

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