Far-out! Wild Spirit Wolf Sanctuary is hosting a groovy musical festival on June 11th, and we encourage all music-lovers to attend. This all-day music extravaganza will feature local bands from Albuquerque and Santa Fe, playing a wide variety of music from Americana to global sounds.

We encourage people to camp out on Friday night, watch the festivities on Saturday, and possibly stay another night before heading back out onto the road.

Tickets are $25 if purchased before June 1st, otherwise ticket prices will be $30. You can buy them online or at the door. Ticket price includes free camping on Friday and Saturday night.

Can you dig it?

The Bands

Candela is composed of Sam Candelaria (requinto and vocals), Pat Candelaria (guitar and vocals), Bobby Espinoza (guitarron), and Christina Candelaria (vocals, percussion). Three of them siblings, three of them educators, all of them playing together for more than a year. They interpret music principally from Mexico, Latin America, and New Mexico. They enjoy blending their voices and giving a contemporary feel to the music they play while respecting the original style of the pieces. They plan to perform in other languages and include their own compositions in the near future.

Goddess of Arno Balkan Dance Band
As pioneers of the world music scene in Albuquerque, Goddess of Arno’s band members have been performing, teaching & studying traditional Balkan & East European folk music together for over 30 years. This award-winning ensemble accompanies beautiful solo, 2 and 3-part vocals with traditional ethnic string and percussion instruments as well as violin, guitar, saxophone, and electric bass. The band’s repertoire includes fiery instrumentals and traditional songs from Albania, Macedonia, Serbia, Greece, Bulgaria & Hungary –many in the Rom (Gypsy) style and language. The musicians of Goddess of Arno love the exotic rhythms and scales, which the southern Balkans absorbed from the Ottoman Empire, and the passion of the Rom music, which offers opportunities for instrumental improvisation. Goddess of Arno was originally formed as accompaniment to the popular Svirka women's Balkan Chorus and later developed its own identity, known for exciting dance parties and concerts. Goddess of Arno has performed throughout the southwest and has produced and performed in concerts and workshops with internationally acclaimed Balkan and Rromani musicians & scholars such as Esma Redzhepova, Yuri Yunakov, Kabile Bulgarian Ensemble & Professors Carol Silverman and Sonya Tamar Seeman. In 2002, Goddess of Arno released its award-winning CD: Balkan Dance Party!
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Rebbe's Orkestra
Incorporating the sounds and rhythms of Jewish music from many parts of the world, the Rebbe's Orkestra brings a unique style of Klezmer - the Jewish instrumental dance music of Eastern Europe. The band's repertoire also includes folk songs in Yiddish, Ladino (Judeo-Spanish), Hebrew, Arabic, and Rromanes (the language of Rroma/Gypsies), traditional fiddle tunes and songs from New Mexico, instrumental pieces from the Middle-East, as well as traditional music from the Mediterranean and the Balkans. Recording and performing throughout the southwest since 1996, The Rebbe's Orkestra has been exploring the ways in which Jewish musicians have interacted with surrounding musical traditions over the centuries to produce music which is unique and uplifting. From Spain to Iraq, Poland to the Mediterranean: The Rebbe's Orkestra plays tunes and songs as widely divergent as the geography and yet with surprisingly similar themes.
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Robert Hoberg
"My name is Robert Hoberg, but I perform as Over. Following the seizure of my mind by rhythm, I proceeded to stomp out some tunes regarding progress and stagnancy. When the time is right, I play them with all my heart. That is my story."

Saltine Ramblers

The SEEiNG THiNGS are a power-trio from the deserts of the USA. Believing in Elvis and Chuck Berry as much as they do the Beatles and the Stones, they find ways to fuse the Velvet Underground with the Ramones. Believing rock and roll heals and even saves lives, you may hear the SEEiNG THiNGS and think you are hearing your own soul.

Twilight Bungalow
The Twilight Bungalow plays a mix of original songs and a few beloved covers, but most of the music and lyrics are co-written by Annie and Jacob. Annie takes a very raw and poetic approach to song writing; having very little formal training on the guitar and vocally, she just plays what she feels. Jacob, on the other hand, takes a more formal approach to some of the details of the music, especially when it comes to instrumentation and harmonization. The two combined form The Twilight Bungalow, a low key duet consisting of two voices, harmonicas, and sometimes a mandolin. The goal of the duo is not to make money or be famous, but rather to share their songs with anyone that would like to listen.

Ticket Purchase

Tickets are $25 before June 1st; $30 after or at door. Tickets include free camping on Friday and Saturday night. Children under twelve are free.

Ticket Purchase

Wolfstock Ticket: $25.00
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